Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Charlie came home for tea today(2nd oldest,18 lives away going to have a baby)real good to see him and that he's looking well.Besides making me a grandad he is busy holding down one job and training to be a fireman,he is actually on call a lot of the time,I am so proud to see him do well.

Anyway he brought me a lovely bottle of tempranillo most of which is now gone.I'm sitting on the chair,nearly there.

Took some photos today of progress,which was a bit slower than usual due to some more tool collapses.My disc sander died today and as its not coming back this time.In the last couple of months I have killed 1 hammer drill 2 jigsaws 3 saws and now my grinder.

I am never going to buy not the one I wanted cos Icant afford it again.I will just go without until I can afford the one thats up to the job,which is pretty tough with some of this old Oak and Elm.

Luckily I love handtools(always look on the bright side ...)although my shoulders and elbows dom not.The slower pace is really what i need right now and the relative quiet is nice.Since the grinder packed in I found my surform rasp does a good enough job at eating away the corners and my cordless drill/screwdriver still works (touch wood )

my only other 2 working elctric tools are my old portable benchsaw (2 inch cut) a biscuit jointer I was kindly given but only used onc e so far and my twin cassette player,which isnt twin anymore as one door fell off.

At least i have loads of stuff to sell,old and new cheap,dear and dearer.hopefully this summer will bring good things (ever the optimist).

M olly has just stuck her head round the door looked at me like i'm madand asked if she can have a cup of tea.From my benchtop oaken perch I answer yesand carry on writing this.

In case you haven't realisedI am halfway through a bottle of wine,on a half made chair,on a bench in a shed in deepest darkest devonshire,listening to the birds and distant tractors,already thinking of the next project.


paul jessop said...

Hi Paul, The chair is looking great. I love the way you always look at the possitive side of things. Hand tools make for a much slower pace of work and I am sure a much calmer existance. Have a nice day.

paul said...

stupidly i answered you on your blog .now i think i know how this thing works it may run smoother.

applewood lampshade


Its in the memory of birds this age
The post on which to perch to proclaim mornings glory
the spots of the past where the pickings are richest
the ancestors favourites ,the old places

Its in the roots of the trees this age
As they suck in the leaves as they fall
with some knowledge returning to earth to roots
to nature,to nurture, to be reborn

its in the stones the oldness
the mothers bones exposed less
where moss and lichens creeping hand paints steadily
and the birdsong is distant like fading memories

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deepest, devon, United Kingdom
I don't know what I am but i know what i like.poetry, art and chipping at or joining together chunks of old wood,whilst listening to some good roots reggae or dub, world/folk music or blues all balanced by some good old punk rock.

solid oak post 3.5 feet high

rescued from collapsed original part of house in the dombseday book

I started with the natural bursts as eyes and soon got two faces

East,West Forwards and Back the green man is everywhere

The darker colours are the oxidisation of the exposed bits of outer timber over the many years

this piece took two months to carve.An allowance i made to myself for the first 2 months of this year.

which way to mordor