Monday, 20 April 2009

Well that was a year that was,

Lots of creations and a beautiful workshop better off than last time I posted,I am back in the blogosphere and internet land in general.Here to carry on where I left off with pictures poems and some laid back country living.Every morning when i see the view from my window and Drive through the beautiful winding lanes to the workshop I feel lucky,then i touch wood all day.

This 5 foot tall cross carved by hand in Holly has kept me busy for a good part of the beginning of this year.I had been promising myself some carving time since taking on the workshop early last summer.

After making a couple of Holly thrones with small carvings on (pictures will follow some time soon) among other things and getting the workshop up and running, I decided this is alovely wood to carve with a natural density, paleness and lovely finish not too unlike ivory
and wanted to make a versiopn of a Celtic cross with creatures I encounter regularily at the workshop on it.

I see the hawks in the valley by the wood,where the wood peckers call and are answered from drumming on the dead branches of the ancient oak behind and above the workshop,while rabbits play below in the orchard.The wren hunts for spiders in the nooks and crannies of the wall behind my bench and the swallows were raised and have flown and should return anytime to the nest above some old milking pipes at the top end of the workshop.

I am pleased with the result and only the other day turned to see a robin sitting on it where it stands near my bench.I like to think it approved even though it left a calling card over some of the knotwork. I love this place,it is my creative heaven.


Hannah said...

hi, good to have you back. That carving is spectacular. Looking forward to seeing sme more.
best wishes,

Photos 01 said...

yeah, I'll repeat that....your carving is spectacular. I'm into still life photography, but your wood carving is definitely "an art."

Come and "smell the flowers" at

potterboy said...

Welcome back!

Stunning cross. Lovely stuff... more more!

doug Fitch said...

Good to have you back in your virtual capacity PC, hope you had a good day today

Becky said...

I've missed the pictures and the poetry in the way you write. So glad you're back, Paul. The carving is quite amazing. I'm with potterboy---more more!

paul jessop said...

Good to see you back in the land of Blog Paul.
stunning work
the next time me and Marion come and see doug we will come and see the new workshop from dougs blog pics a few months ago it looks stunning. best of luck for 2009

paul said...

Cheers folks for your kind comments
and thanks Doug for letting people know i'm back,
bye for now

jimgottuso said...

beautiful carvings

applewood lampshade


Its in the memory of birds this age
The post on which to perch to proclaim mornings glory
the spots of the past where the pickings are richest
the ancestors favourites ,the old places

Its in the roots of the trees this age
As they suck in the leaves as they fall
with some knowledge returning to earth to roots
to nature,to nurture, to be reborn

its in the stones the oldness
the mothers bones exposed less
where moss and lichens creeping hand paints steadily
and the birdsong is distant like fading memories

About Me

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deepest, devon, United Kingdom
I don't know what I am but i know what i like.poetry, art and chipping at or joining together chunks of old wood,whilst listening to some good roots reggae or dub, world/folk music or blues all balanced by some good old punk rock.

solid oak post 3.5 feet high

rescued from collapsed original part of house in the dombseday book

I started with the natural bursts as eyes and soon got two faces

East,West Forwards and Back the green man is everywhere

The darker colours are the oxidisation of the exposed bits of outer timber over the many years

this piece took two months to carve.An allowance i made to myself for the first 2 months of this year.

which way to mordor