Monday, 7 April 2008


Fed ducks and geese and jackdaws,watched the greatcrested grebes dancing and climbed trees with Albert.Took a saw and found some interesting seasoned on the tree branches from trees blown over don,t know when.Spalted beach and oak and something I havn't looked up yet but has great colours and grain.will put photos on as soon as i find time,already got half a dozen candlesticks and a couple of balls thanks to the lathe.Still no disc sander yet ,hopefully will arrive soon.


doug fitch said...

The lathe sounds coooool. See you next week for some dirty rock and roll

Becky said...

Great crested grebes, good grained woods and dirty rock n' roll. Does life get any better than that?

paul said...

devon is a lovely place to be indeed,birds, music ,rolling green hills and good good friends!

applewood lampshade


Its in the memory of birds this age
The post on which to perch to proclaim mornings glory
the spots of the past where the pickings are richest
the ancestors favourites ,the old places

Its in the roots of the trees this age
As they suck in the leaves as they fall
with some knowledge returning to earth to roots
to nature,to nurture, to be reborn

its in the stones the oldness
the mothers bones exposed less
where moss and lichens creeping hand paints steadily
and the birdsong is distant like fading memories

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deepest, devon, United Kingdom
I don't know what I am but i know what i like.poetry, art and chipping at or joining together chunks of old wood,whilst listening to some good roots reggae or dub, world/folk music or blues all balanced by some good old punk rock.

solid oak post 3.5 feet high

rescued from collapsed original part of house in the dombseday book

I started with the natural bursts as eyes and soon got two faces

East,West Forwards and Back the green man is everywhere

The darker colours are the oxidisation of the exposed bits of outer timber over the many years

this piece took two months to carve.An allowance i made to myself for the first 2 months of this year.

which way to mordor